Letter to the editor

Dear Jill and the rest of the BV Journal crew,
Just wanted to congratulate you and also let you know we’re excited to have a new paper here in Brandon. My husband and I just subscribed.
We have lived in Brandon for 14 years and from time to time have subscribed to the local Brandon paper. However, we continue to be disappointed in the content. 
We realize sports are a big deal to the families of the children who are in the sports programs at Brandon Valley. But having acknowledged that, please understand that for those of us who are (say) over 50…or…whose children are no longer in school or never been enrolled in the school district…as far as a general (weekly) Friday night football/basketball game, there is no reason to include pages of highlights from that game.
Here is the news we love reading about:
• Human interest stories
• Brandon businesses, both new and old
• Police department news
• Fire department news
• City Hall news
• Golf club news
• Big Sioux Recreation 
• Bethany Meadows news
• Obituaries, weddings and anniversaries
• Grocery store, restaurant and gas station coupons or specials
Thank you for providing email addresses and inviting us to provide input. I hope you will take these comments into consideration in the months/years to come. 
We wish you the best of success.
Trudy Papka


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