Chaos to Calm: Face the clock, embrace your space

Alesha Berning, Organizing Ninja

A couple of years ago, a burst of motivation led me to confront the closet in our basement. One side filled with blankets, pillows, and assorted items didn’t seem too daunting. But, oh, the other side – a three-foot-deep abyss packed with kids’ crafts, Legos, puzzles, and a chaotic mix of elusive items. The enormity of the task loomed, and I knew I had to take action.

I mustered the energy and determination required and decided it was high time to conquer this sea of chaos. I warned my husband that our living space would resemble a war zone until I could tame this beast. His response, a question that has stayed with me, was simple: “Can you finish it with the time you have?”

It stung to admit, but I’d severely underestimated the time it would take. Reality hit hard; I didn’t have an abundance of time. All I possessed was fleeting energy. It dawned on me that my energy wouldn’t last as life’s demands intensified, leaving me with a basement overrun by childhood treasures.

Before you tackle your household clutter, face the facts. Assess your time and energy honestly. Having a plan generates momentum, but without ample time and energy, you might find yourself drowning in your own ambition. If both are in short supply, it might be time to call in the professionals.

Join me next time, as we continue our quest to find “Calm in the Chaos.”


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