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Isabella Savage, Staff writer

Isabella Savage/BV Journal 

Patrica Be will be hosting the Makeover Magic Show on June 21, which focuses on dressing for success and bringing women together.


Isabella Savage

Staff writer


Patrica Be, Colorado’s top stylist according to Boulder Magazine, has moved her talents to South Dakota. Be and her husband moved to Brandon from Boulder earlier this year and she is already gearing up to host her first Makeover Magic Show in South Dakota on June 21.

Be’s Makeover Magic Show is an opportunity for women in the area to come together and network, while also learning about how fashion can change people’s lives and make a difference in numerous aspects of day-to-day life. Although the upcoming show will be Be’s first Brandon event, she has held more than 80 of the shows in Boulder.

Be is originally from Canada where she was a television producer in Ontario before starting Patrica’s Big Closet. She also has another styling business where she styles women in designer clothes, which she sells for reasonable prices. She produced videos for sports, glass manufacturers, and had a television show. Eventually, she had the opportunity to work in front of the camera, where she always dressed her best. Be said that she has always been into fashion, and the mix of her skills in fashion in front of the camera and production behind the camera help to perfectly pull off the Makeover Magic Show.

The show, which includes videos about the importance of fashion, is all a product of her genius. Be produces all of the videos for her shows, and combines that with her talent and passion of styling. 

“My skill as a television producer is probably why the shows are as successful as they are,” she said. “The success of a show is based on the attention to detail.”

The Makeover Magic Show and Be’s whole mission is to empower women, but it’s much deeper than that. A lot of women don’t put in the effort and just want to be comfortable, but Be said she knows how important fashion really is. She said that it’s not that some women don’t want to look nice. They do, they just don’t know how. Be’s goal is to give them confidence and help them to feel better about themselves in their daily lives.

Be has always been able to dress herself, but she said she feels as if she learned a lot about styling by dressing women of all sizes, and she has clothes for everyone in every size in her collection. She said she doesn’t want women to be nervous or uncomfortable when coming to her, because she has something for everyone.

When dressing women who are insecure or nervous, she said that she often sees them stand up confidently and reclaim their power in the outfits she puts together.

Be has focused her attention to women ages 38-65, but is hoping to work with some younger women as well in South Dakota. She said much of the younger generation doesn’t put in the effort to dress nice or see a point in it. Be said she hopes that’s just a phase they’ll grow out of, eventually seeing the importance of looking their best. She said carrying yourself well in society gives a good impression and shows that a person cares. She said that young people who dress nice and put in the effort are more likely to get a job at an interview after giving that impression.

“The people that stand out and are different are the ones that people notice, and when you get noticed, opportunities happen,” she said.

A by-chance encounter is what gave her the nudge to start her business. It happened in a Costco parking lot when someone approached her and complemented her outfit. She said that she probably wouldn’t have started Patrica Be’s Closet and her styling business without this interaction. She emphasized the importance of that date with destiny, saying that if she wasn’t dressed nicely that day, her business wouldn’t have existed.

Be also has a skincare line, and is continuing her best-selling product, Oil of the Gods, inspired by ancient Egyptian ways of skincare in dry climates.

The Makeover Magic Show on June 21 is $35 and open to 40 participants. The event starts at 10 a.m. and lunch will be served. Tickets can be purchased through the Brandon Valley Area Chamber of Commerce. 

“We were thrilled to have her join us,” said Rachael Neiman, Executive Director of the Chamber. “We thought that this could be a good way for the Chamber to partner with her to host a women’s event. This event is to really empower women, inspire them to do whatever it is their heart desires, whether it’s a new career or whatever their journey looks like. This is a way to just take a step in that direction through encouragement and empowerment.”

Patrica Be’s Closet will only continue until the clothes that Be has now are gone, as she won’t be acquiring more. However, she hopes to do some more shows in the future. 

Be said she is excited and preparing for her first Brandon show. She thinks that it’s important that women support and empower each other, calling it the ripple effect of empowerment. 

She wants women to be confident and present themselves well, as fashion is more important to people’s lives than it seems. Simply presenting oneself well can determine the outcome of that date with destiny that Be knows makes a difference. 

“If you want to fulfill your destiny, you’ve gotta go after it,” she said. 

To book an appointment for Patrica Be or purchase tickets to the Makeover Magic Show, contact her at


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