From the Pulpit: 'Honor thy Father and thy mother'

Middle School Pastor Derrick Martin, Brandon Valley Assembly of God

When Moses came down off of Mount Sinai, he came with his Ten Commandments given to him by God. These commandments were made to bring us closer to God, the fifth one being, “Honor thy father and mother”, which means to show respect and obey the authorities in our lives.

When we are young, we depend on our parents for numerous things such as food, shelter, and love. They keep us safe from harm and look out for our best interest. As we get older, we naturally begin to rebel against our parents because a veil of innocence is lifted from our eyes. We begin to see that our parents aren’t so perfect and then we start to judge them. We begin wanting to do things our way; also realizing we have this thing called free will. Free will allows us to make our own choices and will sometimes lead us blindly. 

As I embark on middle age and being a parent, I have learned a few things. You aren’t going to do everything perfect, but the important thing is that you try. This gives us the strength learn from our missteps and allows us to do things beyond ourselves.

Next, we are obeying God’s command to honor our parents; not by force, but by the choice we all make. God has put this command in our lives so that the love we show to our parents is the love we will learn to show to God.


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