Progress & Industry: Longtime Sunshine owners sell to partners

Jill Meier, Journal editor
The patriarch and matriarch of two longtime staples in Brandon – Sunshine Foods and Tony’s Catering – parted ways in 2019 with the businesses they first started 43 years ago.
In August Tony and Pam Bosch passed on ownership of the local grocery store and well-known catering business to a team of well-recognized partners. The new owners are Dan Roeman, Craig Bosch, Dee Millington, and Chad Padgett.
“You want to know why I’m selling? One reason: Her,” Tony said pointing to Pam. “She has put her dues in and feels obligated when I go catering, that she should go, too. It’s good that we’ve done everything in our life together, and everything I have, I owe to her, and she tells me that every day.”
Tony adds the timing is right.
“The Sunshine group is doing well and these guys will do wonderful. This should be a seamless deal; they (patrons) won’t even know we’re gone. We won’t be here during daily operations, but at 8:30 on a Thursday morning if they need help, I’ll be the first one here,” he assures.
“With the catering, Tony has told us that he wants to help us out with some jobs,” Roeman adds.
“My name is still on the side of the vans,” Tony replies. “But Dee is what makes the catering go. The only time that I’m good is when we have a crisis and I have to do some rear-end chewing.”
Pam will continue to be a visible fixture on the lawn mower. She’s long had the job of keeping the boulevards at the store manicured and will continue to do so, as well as helping out in the store when called on.
“He’s given us a great opportunity,” said Roeman, who partnered with Tony in the Madison Sunshine Foods store in 1998. 
“We’re appreciative of the opportunity and we’re thankful that we’re all here together. We wouldn’t be buying if we didn’t have an opportunity,” Craig adds.


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