City implements rebates for high-efficiency toilets

Jill Meier, Journal editor

Jill Meier

Journal editor


Water conservation measures in Brandon are continuing to add up one flush at a time.

In the city’s ongoing efforts to promote water conservation, they’re rolling out yet another water smarter incentive, rebates for high-efficiency toilets. 

The program opens today (April 1) and city water customers can expect a rebate up to $100 toward the purchase and installation of each bathroom toilet that uses 1.28 gallons or less of water per flush.

To be eligible, purchases must be made after April 1. Applications must include a receipt for each item purchased and scanned or photocopies of receipts may be attached with the application.

Applications may be picked up at City Hall.

City engineer Tami Jansma said residents have well-embraced the water smarter conservation measures, which include low-flow shower heads, rain barrels and rain sensors.

“We have quite a few people that come in and just ask about toilets and that sort of thing,” Jansma said. “That’s why we really wanted to push this one this year. We started with the outdoor stuff last year, and this year we’ll focus on the indoors.”

Jansma reminds a supply of high-efficiency showerheads are available at City Hall at no cost to water customers, and announced a rebate program for high-efficiency washing machines is forthcoming.

While the city is invested in the program, Jansma said long-term that the conservation measures far outweighs the costs of these programs.

“The water conservation goal is to extend the supply. While it reduces the peak, in some sort of unmeasurable fashion, you can easily say that it’s delaying the need for additional water. If you can conserve as much as you can, which is just kind of a broad statement, it reduces the amount of water being used and lessens the tax on the city’s treatment process,” she said.

In 2017, the city of Brandon organized a water conservation committee. Last year’s conservation measures focused on outdoor endeavors and moves to indoor water fixtures this year.

“We certainly feel we’ve brought value to the city of Brandon,” water conservation committee member Kevin Smith said in November 2019. “Environmental stewardship is more common. Youth get the concept, and our goal is to provide the tools to be a part of that.”



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