The Absent Uncle: Our wonderful brain

D.C. Schultz, guest columnist

I was going about my household chores earlier this week and had a pleasant experience that I would think many of you have experienced as well.

The electrical power had been interrupted overnight and of course, the time shown on the stove, microwave, and coffee maker needed to be reset. I did the resets and a few hours later I realized that the microwave clock time was not correct. Well, I thought I had done it – made the correction – but some part of my brain said, “Your ‘thoughting’ was wrong.”  

Oh my gosh. That phrase “Your ‘thoughting’ was wrong” was a throwback to a very early supervisor in my work life (almost 50 years ago) who used that phrase repeatedly when the failed work excuse started with; for either an action; a response; or a suggestion going forward which was begin with, “I thought …” .

His response: “Your ‘thoughting’ was wrong.”  

Our brains are wonderful things. To choose that moment of a clock not being adjusted despite my thought and belief I had done it earlier. And the evidence was clear; my ‘thoughting’ was wrong. And to have an old voice from almost 50 years ago deliver the message.

I truly hope that others can identify with my revelation – and hope all understand my embracement of that moment of how the circle of life can just keep coming back around to amaze you one more time. I thought – no; your’ thoughting’ was wrong.


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